Shared Services

Finding ways to share services, where two or more governments collaborate or partner on administrative functions or providing a service to the public, is an important tool for improving public services while reducing costs. Below is an example of some of the shared services we participate with in Leonia. This page is a work in progress so check back for updates!

  • At/low-cost vehicle equipment installation and maintenance | Fort Lee
    • Under this interlocal agreement, Fort Lee and Leonia have a contract which provides Leonia access to Fort Lee's existing vehicle equipment installation and maintenance staff. This provides Fort Lee with some additional revenue and Leonia with a trusted, lower-than-market cost for the installation and maintenance of emergency vehicle equipment (emergency warning lights, sirens, radios, etc)
  • Animal control | Bergen County 
    • Leonia and Bergen County are in a contract which provides Leonia access to Bergen County's animal control services. Using Bergen County's services provides Leonia access to more staff, which means better response times and service delivery, and at a lower cost than if that were done locally.
  • Interlocal agreement for a reduction in tipping fees | Leonia, Cliffside Park and Edgewater 
    • Leonia, Cliffside Park and Edgewater work together to leverage reduced tipping fees. By joining in together to contract with Waste Management and providing larger volume for a greater economy of scale and with more efficiency for Waste Management in the disposal process, each town is able to save money by paying lower tipping fees for the waste it disposes of versus if each municipality contracted this service independent of anyone else.
  • Fiber Installation | Leonia Board of Education
    • In 2015/2016 the Borough collaborated on a dark fiber installation project with the Leonia Board of Education. This allowed each government unit to lay the groundwork for independently managed, super high-speed network infrastructure that reduces IT, network, and telephone costs into the future, and provides a reliable backbone for moving critical data (such as security camera footage) quickly and reliably between physical locations.
  • PSAP/911 call taking and dispatching | Bergen County
    • Leonia is in a contract with Bergen County to provide communications and dispatching services. Using a larger multi-jurisdiction facility provides a deeper bench of emergency communications staff and a lower cost than could be provided by Leonia alone. 
  • Fire Apparatus | Bergen County
  • Health Services | Bergen County
    • By contracting with Mid-Bergen Regional Health Commission, part of Bergen County, Leonia is able to take advantage of a larger economy of scale supporting the health department and public health services in Loenia.
  • Vehicle Fueling | Leonia Board of Education
    • Utilizing the fuel pumps at the Leonia Department of Public Works, the BOE is able to find convenient and lower-cost vehicle fueling.