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Did you get a recycling notice?

The Borough, after review and discussion in the Environmental Commission and Public Works Committee, is implementing a new program with the dual goals of reducing the amount of recycable material that ends up in landfills, and to save Leonia taxpayers money through what is paid on tipping fees. 

When recyclables don't conform to the rules set in place, for example if glass isn't cleaned properly or when the wrong materials (like Styrofoam) are included in the stream, there are two primary ways in which this has an impact.

First, is that the money that the Borough gets back for recycable material goes down as the quality of the material per load is degraded. This can be a 20-40% reduction per load, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year in lost money back to the Borough.

Second, if recycling stream is too contaminated, for example kitchen waste in a commingled recycling stream, the materials may end up getting put into the waste stream when they are being processed, and end up in a landfil.

As of this week, the Department of Public Works has been directed to leave materials that don't conform to the recycling rules at the location and affix a notice (pictured below) with more information. You can follow up with the Department of Public Works for more information.

We hope this leads to a cost savings for Leonia taxpayers, as well as reduces our environmental footprint by ensuring we are maximising the amount of material going into recycling streams versus landfills.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

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