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Borough launches free mobile/web app “Access Leonia” to help make reporting and tracking important issues easier

Have you ever wondered what happened to the streetlight, pothole, or tree issue you submitted for the Borough to work on?

Have you ever had be transfered or had to speak to multiple people to register a complaint or request service on an important issue?

Did an issue you reported ever fall the cracks?

The Borough doesn’t like it when those things happen either! So starting in 2019, the Borough is putting in place a new process and platform that will fix many, if not all, of those issues. Read on to learn a little more about it, and preview the new system starting today.

The ‘industry-lingo’ term for it is a “311 system,” which you may have heard before. It’s longer title is usually something like a “Service Request Platform.” In Leonia, our application will be called “Access Leonia,” and it means that going forward, you will be able to submit a complaint or request service in a number of areas, such as for:

  • Requests to have Shade Tree planted or to evaluate a damaged or dying tree

  • Streetlight outages

  • Potholes, or other road issues

  • Excessive litter or illegal dumping

  • Almost any other non-emergency issue you can think of!

All of this will be in a much simpler way than previously. Going forward, you’ll be able to submit any issue:

  • By using your smartphone on the Access Leonia app

  • By speaking to any Borough employee (without needing to be transferred*)

  • By visiting the website at

You can easily upload or take a photo of the issue, select what category it falls under, provide a location and description, and then submit it directly to us. We take care of the rest!

Submissions automatically get assigned in a work management system to the department responsible, and you will immediately get a confirmation email with a tracking number you can use to check the status in the future. You’ll get email notifications (if you leave your email address) as issues are completed, and if there are questions, we can reach out directly to get more from you. You can also easily see what others have submitted (unless it’s private), and “second” an issue, letting us know you’ve seen it or are requested it as well.

This software, which is free to use, and has been implemented in hundreds of towns like Loenia, means that a handful of important goals will be able to be reached:

  • It’s easier to submit issues, any employee can submit your request without transferring, and you can do it right from your smartphone or computer if you prefer, which allows you to get easy updates on the status or request more information

  • You can more easily follow the status and check in on issues you submitted (or publicly listed issues others have submitted)

  • Issues are tracked, meaning they will never fall through the cracks

  • The Borough’s internal operations becomes more organized and efficient, which ultimately saves taxpayer dollars and helps us get to more issues, faster

  • All of the data about how quickly we’re fixing issues is generated and available to us internally so we can allocate more resources where needed or flag important issues.

To start using “Access Leonia” please visit, or download “Access Leonia” for your Apple or Android smartphone.



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